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Last updated on 1 June 2019.

Protection of Personal Data Statement

The protection of the visitor's - user's personal data is extremely important to the Solo Oro Website and it is our policy to respect information selected by chance through utilization of our website.

Potentially personal data may be declared under various circumstances, such as a name or e-mail address for contact purposes in order to process a request.

Therefore, we have developed the following Confidentiality Policy with the overriding objective to inform and notify on how we select and use this personal data,as well as explaining your rights to you, always according to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In accordance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulations personal data is defined as “Any information concerning individuals who have been identified or who can be verified”.

Security and Quality of Data

It is our purpose to protect and maintain the quality of visitor – user's data. We have implemented suitable measures and processes, such as e.g. the use of a Secure Socket Layer. SSL consists of α protocol in which communication between the visitor – user's device and server is cyphered. The decoding of personal information is extremely effective and is considered practically inviolable.

Who we are

The website www.soloorojewelry.gr belongs to ZEVOUDAKI ILIANA - MALIARAS THANOS O.E. which will be known as "we the company" from hereon in.

Company details

Company address: 4 - 6 Thiseos Street, Athens, Attiki Greece.
Tax I.D. Number: 800532737
Tax office: Delta Athens
Phone number: 2103241221
Mobile number: 6986576868
Email: info soloorojewelry.gr

What personal information we select and process

The information we select from visitors – users to Solo Oro Jewelry website is:

  • IP address. The IP address is selected and stored temporarily in the Firewall program. This information facilitates the security of our website and prevents misuse. IP addresses are not directly identifiable information.
  • Anonymous use statistics information. This information is selected on visitation to our website through Google with the purpose of improving the internet browsing experience. Data which is selected anonymously is the date of visitation to our website, the duration of stay and other data in accordance with the Civil Protection of Personal Data of Google.
  • Information in the contact form. Any information given voluntarily when submitting a request through the contact form on the Solo Oro Jewelry website. We use this information to respond to a request.

With whom we share personal information

We do not share information with anyone except in the following situations:

  • Ιf it is necessary to process a request which has been sent through the contact form and involves other departments of our company, e.g. Accounts.
  • Disclosure of personal information when demanded by law. We request that you be aware that on certain occasions disclosure of personal information may be ordered by a court or state order, summons or warrant.

Maintenance of personal information

We will not maintain personal information for more than the necessary time demanded by the purpose for which it was selected. This means that this particular information will be destroyed or will be deleted from our system when it is no longer of any use.

What is the visitor – user's rights

The visitor – user has the following rights:

  • The right to access his personal data. This means that he has the right to be informed about the personal data we maintain about him.
  • The right of amendment. If he ascertains a mistake in his personal data which we store, he can submit a request to have it amended.
  • The right of deletion. He can request that we delete his personal data if it is not necessary any more for the above processing.
  • The right of process limitation. He can request of us to limit the process of his personal data.
  • The right of portability. He can request that we submit his data in readable form or for it to be forwarded to another processor.
  • The right of objection and withdrawal of consent to the process. Ηe can oppose the process of his personal data and we will in turn stop all processing of it, unless there exists urgent or legal reasons which take precedence over your right. If he has declared his consent to the selection, process and use of his personal data, consent can be withdrawn at any time and enter into force at a later date.

The visitor – user can submit his request, or exercise his right, by contacting the Solo Oro website through its e-mail address info  soloorojewelry.gr where the necessary action will be taken to satisfy his request providing it is in accordance with the law applicable and professional standards.

The visitor – user also has the right of making a formal complaint to the Protection of Personal Data and Privacy Authorities, Telephone: 210 64 75 600, Fax: 210 64 75 628, Email: contact  dpa.gr, Website www.dpa.gr.

Third party connections

The Solo Oro Jewelry website is connected to websites and third-party services which is not under its control. The Solo Oro Jewelry website does not bear any responsibility for the security or safeguarding of any classified information which is selected by third party websites or services. Visitors – users should be prudent and monitor the Privacy Policies which exist on the third-party websites and services they use.



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