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Last updated on 1 June 2019.

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Excluding the case of individual storing of one and only copy, or part of the content for personal and not public use, without infringing in any way on relevant intellectual property rights.

Τhis permission is conferred on condition that the user will not modify the content which is presented on the Solo Oro Jewelry website and will adhere to the terms indicated in Intellectual Property rights term.

Any other use requires written authorization from the owner of the intellectual property rights.

Nοn-compliance with the terms of Intellectual Property rights will result in the immediate ceasing of any granted rights without notification. All transferred material and copies in the possession of, or under the control of the user must be destroyed immediately. Apart from the limited permission granted the previous paragraph the Solo Oro Jewelry website does not confer any absolute or implied right or right of use to any patents commercial logos, intellectual property rights or intellectual property rights of others. Mirroring of content of the Solo Oro Jewelry website to other websites or any other medium is forbidden.



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