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Last updated on 1 June 2019.

What Are Cookies

Cookies are small files of data sent from a server which in this case is the Solo Oro Jewelry to one's device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone). Cookies provide the visitor – user of a website access to various functions. Depending of their duration Cookies can be “temporary” (Session Cookies) or of “longer duration” (Persistent Cookies). Session Cookies are deleted automatically when the user closes the browser, while Persistent Cookies remain stored in the device and expire after a specific length of time.

Why we use Cookies

The main reason we use Cookies is to make our website more user-friendly and more functional for our visitor – user. Cookies help in improving the navigation experience of our website in addition to the assessment of the performance of our website.

Please be aware that the non-use of Cookies may create problems in the navigation of and function of our website. Therefore, without Cookies we cannot offer a proper and effective website navigation experience.

What kind of Cookies do we use

We use the following Cookies:

  • Performance and Functionality Cookies. Τhe absolute necessary, which allow us to provide the visitor – user with the most enhanced and accurate navigation on our website. These particular Cookies do not recognise individual identities.
  • Web Analytics and Customization Cookies. Allow us to analyze the performance of our website . We identify that the visitor – user has visited our website on a previous occasion. Τhese cookies pin-point which sections of our website are the most popular, giving us the opportunity to see which pages are visited more frequently by visitors – users and how long they dedicate to each page. In order to achieve this we use Google Analytics cookies.

Consent of Cookies

On entering the Solo Oro Jewelry website the visitor – user will receive a message about the use of Cookies. It is displayed prominently on the bottom of the screen and makes reference to both Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy with relevant clear and extensive notification. In the case that a visitor – user decides to browse the Solo Oro Website and has configured his browser settings suitably, he has our explicit and specific consent to do so. If not he is obliged to refrain from browsing the Solo Oro Jewelry website and erase the use of Cookies in the control panel of his browser.

Deactivation of Cookies through the Browser.

The use of Cookies can be activated or deactivated from the control panel of the browser. Visit the following search engines to be informed on essential relevant measures.



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